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Aquaponics is the science (or art) of growing high quality produce hydroponically, using waste water from fish farming. The produce and seafood grow symbiotically; the fish excrement enriches the water; the plants extract the nutrients from the water, purifying it in the process; the water is returned to the fish pond and the process begins anew.

Bioneras has licensed proprietary Aquaponics technology from its founding partner, Sustainable Farming Solutions (SFS). SFS is also our operating partner in Waste to Energy to Food projects.

The technology is the culmination of almost 20 years of research and development by some of the top Aquaponics scientists in the world. Some of the original research was completed at the Agricultural Research Station at Brooks, AB. Additional research and studies is ongoing in the Caribbean and New Mexico, USA. 

SFS proved their technology and production numbers at commercial scale in a 20,000 sq. ft. growing facility at the University of Lethbridge over a demonstration period of 7 years.

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