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Resource Recovery Corp is an American company with proprietary Thermal Anaerobic Gasification (TAG) technology licensed for use by Bioneras. This technology is applied in the fields of waste to energy, biomass to energy, recovery, refinement and clean consumption of fossil fuels.

Sustainable Farming Solutions has developed and successfully demonstrated proprietary and innovative agricultural technology; Aquaponics systems growing organic produce, medicinal herbs and vegetables with aquaculture in a closed controlled, symbiotic environment - growing our food the way Mother Nature intended. Some of our Research and Development efforts over past 50+ years enhances our production rates and value-added products.

Fertilizer components are valuable waste products providing us with not only a value-add product revenue but operationally we are zero-waste. 

Environeta Solutions Inc. is a technology development and commercialization company, primarily in fields related to energy, resources and the environment. Environeta represents Airwise Structures Inc. in Canada. We plan to use Airwise Structures as Greenhouses and Utility Buildings in all Bioneras projects.

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