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Bioneras Hemp Ltd.

Research shows that natural fibres often out perform those derived from fossil fuels. They are biodegradable and are seen to have a carbon neutral or even carbon negative footprint over their life cycle. Modern processing methods offer productivity at scale, competitive with that of synthetic fibres and compatible with current industrial labor practices.

This movement offers an opportunity to Alberta producers of Hemp and Flax. Both are currently grown for seed with minimum concern for the straw or fibre. A processing facility for both seed and fibre will encourage farmers to expand their Hemp and Flax production, taking advantage of a fair return for all of their production.

Bioneras will provide a processing facility in Brooks, near the center of irrigation in Southern Alberta. We are seeking a financial and operating partner for all things Hemp. They must be capable of raising funds for buildings and equipment for both the fibre and the food operations, and assemble a qualified team to manage the business.

Participation will be negotiated and based on the partners proven ability to perform.

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