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Hemp Fibre

We plan to contract with local growers for up to 30,000 Metric Tonnes (T) of Hemp Straw per annum. This will produce up to 7,000 T of high quality Bast Fibre. The balance; 22,000 - 24,000 T of waste and lower value hurd will be used as fuel for Bioneras' Waste to Energy to Food system.

Bioneras will be one of a few companies in North America with the 'critical mass' of raw hemp fibre and hurd to justify enhanced processing for new products. With a secure and established supply chain, much of the risk in developing new products will be mitigated. Where justified, we will be able to develop and introduce new value added products, or simply sell raw fibre to other processors.

We are located in a high producing irrigated region; we expect to be able to increase our supply as required for new products and markets.


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