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RRC’s TAG Competitive Advantages:

RRC’s technology is a true Thermal Anaerobic Gasification system and;

  • can be operated at a wide range of temperatures and even be set to graduated temperature formats;

  • has the ability to extract water/moisture from feed material as a asset material which can be used by the system,

  • creates richer fuel value producer gases;

  • has the ability to upgrade producer gases during primary processing for use in energy production or liquid fuels production;

  • has the ability to feed multiple feed materials separately at the same time or a homogenous blend of a number of materials;

  • produces salable by-products;

  • is a modular system able to be scaled up or at given sites expandable to increase higher out- puts;

  • is a low cost maintenance system by comparison to standard gasification systems, with  longer life expectancy;

  • operational availability averages 96%;

  • can handle a wide variety of feed materials including inert matter without jamming;

  • can regenerate spent carbon and or catalyst;

  • is conducive and compatible with other technologies that will enable more profitable process designs and formats;

  • uses/needs little water to operate and can in many situations recovery its needs from in-bound feed materials;

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