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Welcome to Bioneras:

"Waste - Energy - Food"

Almost 90% of material labeled as 'Waste' is simply a resource that has yet to be recovered. Our mission at Bioneras is to recover this waste, convert it to energy that can support the production of valuable outputs, primarily food and fuel.

Our goal is to minimize the use of land for land fills, prevent the contamination of air and water from these sites, reduce GHG emissions related to these activities and reduce costs and emissions related to the importation of food. Our projects will be installed in easy proximity to major urban markets where we have ready access to their waste and they provide a market for the food, fuel and other products we produce.

Our Waste to Energy to Food projects are designed to support economic development in smaller communities through the provision of services to larger centres. Essentially, we plan to 'mine' cities for the waste they generate and in turn, provide affordable, high quality, locally produced food to the institutions and citizens of these same cities.

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